Saturday, August 20, 2011

C'est Fini

Now that its done and gone out of my hands... the finished product! So much to criticize. It was done in response to the poem: No Wonder – Doug Walbourne-Gough
Spring, verdant lust reawakened
after months of bare-branched impotence.
Buds begin to swell, their winter-long
secrets ready to burst. All this thick-lush
life seeks outlet.
Tulips penetrate topsoil, stamens get ready
to rumble with bumble bees, forget-me-nots
waiting to be groped in groups as dandelions
push their yellow tushes in the air.
All this subtle sex, buzzing through
backyards and public parks, no wonder
my nostrils flare when I stare into the soft
red folds of a rose.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

In progress.

Been doing some commission portraits lately. Nothing epic or amazingly exciting happening in life. The piece I'm doing for a show planned by Lisa Wakeham is done and going to her soon. But this is the in progress shot I took a couple weeks ago. Figured I should put it up before I put up the final one!